Here is some stuff I have been working on for valentines day!

We collected these heart leaves in fall, there was one maple tree (I think) that had these mutant leaves falling from it. I had seen a small leaf painting in World of Interiors that was of a tiny horse for Louise De Vilmorin so I was inspired and we collected a ton of them. I am putting some in my shop, I have also been collecting vintage frames for them the last few weeks.

They have been hard to work with, a few have totally broken after I painted them, which is frustrating because I only have so many. I have tried over and over to paint a cute horse, but it never turns out. Oh yeah, there are some rose petals too, that are a millions years old–I found them in a book when I was looking for all the leaves I had stuffed in random large books around the house. I think they are left over from my teenage years of keeping every single thing any boy ever gave me.

I think painting tiny pictures and letters is one of my all time favorite things to do.