Whew, Christmas. I have been going non-stop trying to get my house ready for company, presents, decorating. I didn't get nearly as far in the decorating part as I had hoped, we still have two boxes of outdoor Christmas lights in a bag by the door, and judging by the sound of the wind today, they might not be making an appearance until next year.

Here is one Christmas project I did manage to get done. We had this box when I was a kid, it used to have a cute Christmas scene in it that my mom put together, but over time things have disappeared from it. This year was it's year to come back to life.

This is the cast of characters I had to work with after a quick trip to an antique mall. A surly crew to say the least.

Finished! I ended up redoing all of the background, which wasn't what I had originally planned, but it was worth it. I also ended up repainting the santa face, which normally isn't something I would have done, but it was a little scary compared to the rest of the gang. That little snowman with the blue cap is one that made my made out of glass, she is so talented. It's tiny! Then I busted out some Christmas cards in record speed. I am hoping that in about 6 hours I will finally be done with everything and can sit and relax with family, I can't wait.