Today was eventful. It started off with Cora crying because she didn't want to go to school. I finally talked her into it, went to work, drew some trippy illustrations, came home to Cora seeming really out of it and then she threw up all over the place. I can only hope that whatever she is sick with is something that will stay within her own body, after a week of colds/Nate having the flu, I don't think I am ready for a household of throwing up. Poor kid. Luckily Alex is spending the night and grandma's house and is in tip-top shape.

Now the dog is pacing around and moaning for the cat who is coyly sleeping on the chair. Whose idea was it to get these animals, anyways? Why do human being feel the need to take in pets. I grew up in the country where the animals stayed outside and did there own thing, so having a dog follow me around every minute of the day I am home is a little distressing (yes, I know , I am terrible for feeling this way). But now the dog is trying to lick up cleaned up throw up, so I rest my case.

Tomorrow I am planning on getting this piece for sophie done, and starting on making a coat for Cora. I have some adorable hedgehog fabric for the lining and bought some aqua velvety fabric for the shell-hopefully it will turn out. The coat pretty much looks like the below picture, but I would like to add pockets (my pattern doesn't have them. I really would like to make this Oliver + S coat but don't want to spend the extra $$ for the pattern and more fabric, so maybe I'll try to make something similar on my own. I'll keep you posted!