I have been spending the last two days trying to get this thing for Sophie made, the realtor is coming this week (today) to take photos of the house since they are putting it on the market so I wanted to get this mess out of the way. I have spent two weeks with this sewn paper background trying to decide what to put on it. This is where I was, but got stuck at and took it all apart.

I took a break to work on Cora's costume. She has been home sick for the last week with some flu thing. I think I was more excited about her costume than she was. Although she did get teary later on when water spilt on it. I bought some green knit material and decided I would use the serger to make a long sleeve t and it worked! Miracles do happen! It definitely could use some fine tuning, but with no pattern or decent serger skills I thought it turned out pretty nicely. Then I sewed some sheer pieces and tulle onto ribbon for the skirt. By the way, she is tinkerbelle. Or at least my version of it. I am going as Wendy. I am trying to get Nate to be Peter Pan. And Alex is a ghost with a white sheet and holes.

Then back to business and Sophie. So the back up story is that Sophie asked me a year ago to make something for the salon. This is wear it's at. I think it may be done, except for some fine tuning. We'll see.