Thinking alot about Japan. When we were there, we were able to travel up the Noto Peninsula which is on the NW Coast, opposite to Sendai where the tsunami hit. I have vivid memories of this trip, it was like really travelling to a different world, as if Kanazawa wasn't enough. It was so similar to the Oregon coast, but the towns seemed ghostly and weathered in the way that life there was not about having ice cream and visiting tide pools. You could tell the people there were hard-working and industrious, you had to be to live in a place like that. The structures were ancient but built to withstand, but of course, the elements may have the final say and no one can predict what the earth has in store for us. Which makes life wonderful, but also so sad during times like these.

By the way, sorry for the lack of posts lately, I am working as a full-time mom and it takes up alot of time. And energy! And my point and shoot camera broke (yes, again!). I am trying to keep up with projects, so bear with me!