i love mail!

Two days ago the mailman dropped of this box on my doorstep from my dad. What was in it? I thought he was really on top of Christmas and sent everything early. Not the case, it was an entire box of my old schoolwork from Kindergarten to probably 5th grade.

I was so excited and spent the next hour carefully pulling out every single piece and showing the kids. Alex played art critic and said things like "what's that supposed to be" or "that's Santa, huh, I thought it was an elf...". Nate came home became traumatized because of a collaged construction paper turkey that he also had to do when he was in school and he vividly remembered how much he felt like a failure at cutting and gluing paper. So sad.

I really love this eagle, I loved cutting and pasting! Some things never change, I guess. Another bonus about this is now I feel a little less weird about all the crazy schoolwork that I have been collecting that my own kids have done! It stacks up fast.