well, the last month has been amazingly hectic–finishing up interning at curiosity group which was really great, our rental house sold, thinking about buying a house, getting ready for christmas while packing up a house of stuff. and let me tell you that we were not planning on moving any time soon and the house shows it.

anyway, let me introduce Hamu. When we lived in Japan there was a character named Hamu on the bacon and ham packages (a little creepy, yes) but Nate began telling stories to Alex about a tiger named Hamu and every night he told these amazing little stories. There is a whole town, set of characters-fox, chickens, ladybug island...he probably has told at least 365 of these stories. I was always really impressed with what he came up with and want them to be real books! The only problem is that Nate needs to be recorded telling the stories, because he couldn't write them the way he tells them. I need a dictaphone.

Lately I have been sketching idea of what Hamu might look like. I don't think I have nailed it but here is some progress.