dog harness

Scout is not the easiest dog to walk–he constantly pulls you on his leash and although we have been working on heeling, it gets pretty frustrating. I went to the local pet shop to buy a harness because I heard that was the way to make him learn better, but wasn't quite willing to shell out the $25 bucks just yet. Then, while shopping for fabric for Cora's coat at fabric depot, I walked by some nylon strapping and decided why not attempt to just make a harness?

It took alot of Scout's cooperation and patience, but it was pretty easy. Just a couple of d-rings and a clasp, it will probably have to be remade when he outgrows it but walking has been so much funner! You can attach the leash either in front or on top of his back, depending on how stubborn he is being. The front way gives me total control. Total cost, by the way, was $4.