touching peoples hearts//sagmeister

does design touch peoples hearts? is design art, is it different? Here is some art that has touched my heart.

Is it design? Is it art? What is it? How do we touch someone in that special place? Is design just about making money? Isn't design an integral part of an art education?

The power to move someone through art and design is incredible and something I definitely strive for. I feel lucky that I have had such an extensive art education and design is the last place I have ended up, although I guess from a career point of view it isn't that great since I don't care so much about advertising and using design to sell, I just want to make artwork. Causing emotion in someone is a worthwhile thing to strive for, even if the emotion isn't exactly what you want, but I think that emotion is a pretty solid ground for getting people more involved and to care more. If you can do this successful and tastefully in design work, even to "sell" something, that pretty amazing.