some research about portland community gardens

Here are some quotes from portlanders about gardening. Even though I have a yard, I wish I had a community garden plot. I love it when all the neighbors are out working in the yard and getting dirty and feeling the hard work, I am sure it comes out in the community aspect even more in the gardens. It is a time to connect with neighbors and the earth. I love the hazy lazy style of these photographs. That's what I am aiming for this weekend! Please let there be sun!

Gardens, weather cooperative or personal, bring small communities of people together. In a world of twitters and texts, growing and trading vegetables allows us physical contact with our society.

The garden is also a large part of the community glue that strengthens our neighborhood, as many of our neighbors take part in the growing and harvesting of our food.

We are so lucky to live in this climate, here we can garden all year long with a little advance planning.

The best part of the garden has turned out not to be the organic produce at my door, or the delicious food I can't afford at the farmer's market - but rather that my son, who will turn two this summer, has grown up knowing where food comes from.

Gardens can get children interested and excited about eating the produce that they've planted and cared for. Working in family or neighborhood gardens helps get children outside (away from TV and computer screens) and gives them a huge sense of accomplishment.

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