Here is a post of my handbook. Making a book is alot harder than I thought it would be. So many different elements to think about–research, writing, typefaces (took forever) photos, illustrations, how to make it all go together and still look nice and clean. And interesting. And something people would want to look at. Today I am trying to get my illustrations into my book, trying to find a good style that isn't cluttering things up. At first I thought the white background would change, but now I kind of like it. Should illustrations be on every page? photos? finding balance is difficult. staring at a computer in such nice weather is difficult. luckily I have a cold.

so if anyone actually looks at this blog, the question is this. is this working? Are the illustrations too light? I don't want them to be too overbearing but it's hard to tell. Do they work with the photograph? Any suggestions? By the way, there will be more text on this page.